Designed to stand out

Setup your own dashboards less than 5 seconds, and you are ready to go

Extensive Report Types

Dashboard supports Tabular, Chart reports.

Easiness of Drag & Drop

The software has an easy to use wizard-style interface that lets you select only the tables and data you need for your reports.

No programming required

Build dashboards without any coding PHP, SQL things.


With the dashboard, you can export your reports on your blog, website or Intranet dashboard ……with one click.

Easy Installation

We can integrate Dashboard and setup it on all system we ll develop for you.

Main Features

Multiple MySQL instances

Dashboard support multiple MySQL instances(locally or remotely). Now all your MySQL are in one place!

Group based access model

Users gain access to assets through their membership to a particular group(s). This allows you to share dashboards with a few simple clicks.

Manage dashboards with categories

Display the dashboard in any web-browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more.

Tabular Report

Tabular reports are the simplest and fastest way to list your data. You can build Tabular report in Dashboard with the Drag-Drop UI.

Chart Report

Chart Report allows you to create a graphical view using different types of charts.

Widgetize all

With Dashboard, you can export your reports on your blog, website, or intranet dashboard… with one click.

Great Report Performance

You can cache all reports with a specified time. Dashboard does not fire the query everytime when showing dashboads.

Real time reports

Reports update in real time (you can still configure the cache time). Web based reports always show you the latest information. No need to upload or sync data regularly.


Exporting your reports to PDF, XML, JSON etc.

  Designed for you

You do not need write SQL PHP to make it work.

  Tables Join

You can join multiple tables as your datasource.


You get update and email support for the first year free. And half price next years.

  Multiple series support

With this feature an arbitrary number of Y-axis can be added to the right end of the graph.


unitarea pie table
bar unitbar unitline
unitpie column chart


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“We setup our backend data analytics tool with Dashboard in minutes. It stands out, and it is awesome.”

Brou, satisfied customer