IT Consultancy In Development System

GGROUPS offers innovative services in the mobile client server applications, enterprise solutions, and mobile content distribution in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. We have added to our portfolio of applications development to integrate stakeholders in the value chain through mobile phone applications in the agricultural sector. We provide tailored solutions to our clients’ needs and propose solutions adapted to local needs.

GGROUPS participated in the implementation of a large number of complex projects through deployment of wireless systems in the areas of data collection in both agriculture and marketing. He developed and widely used mobile Information administrative tool platform, to provide a mobile end-user experience, which is superior to solutions based on alternative browser.


SMS / USSD Web solutions that enable customers to send and receive data messages online. Connect the information sharing among the actors of the value chain. GGROUPS has experience in the development and application of mobile (Java, Android) integration for data collection (image, text, GPS coordinates) on a real-time and synchronized with servers customer. We integrate data into Google Maps and Google Fusion Tables.

We have a good understanding of the operating environment of ICT and are proficient in the following areas:

PHP + +, Java, NET, Basic 6.0, JavaScript, C #, C, Android, CSS, XML, Perl / CGI visual: programming language
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL Server, SQLite
Tools: NetBeans, Eclipse, Zend Studio, Aptana Studio, Dreamweaver, UML

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, J2ME
Networking: Wired and Wireless
Other: ORM framework Code Igniter, Zend Framework, MVC, Rich Internet Application (RIA) using AJAX,
Apache Web Server