The full web software to your Manage Property, Agent, and a Live help Support.

The mobile application is used by the agent to send details about the house to the server. This helps reduce the paper work and help agent concentrate on how to look for more houses. The application has some more features which will again be executed as upcoming technologies. Below we have highlighted the features we include within our Mobile Application. In addition, our site offers guide to help agents understand the importance of best profile of a house, The currently available features are:


This feature allows the agents to register a new house. The agents enter the standard information, like; the type of accommodation, the number of beds, the number of bathrooms, the SQFT and the price

This feature allows the agent to get the exact location of the house on the map. This helps the client to have a better idea of where the house is located. The mobile gets the correct and exact latitude and longitude of the house.

The feature allows the agent to take pictures of the house and send it to the server. No need of a digital camera to take the picture and wait till you get to the office to put it on the server. The feature helps you to take (4) four pictures

This feature allows the agent to send information about one or more specific social structure available around a house. It helps client to know for example where the nearest school or hospital around the house is.

IT solution In Real estates and Marketing Reseach

The web application is used by the manager. It has lot more features than the mobile application. It serves as a management system for the agents and the houses etc… From the web application, a manager can check the agent’s calendar and also the different booking made from his/her website. The currently available features are:

This feature gives to the manager an idea about the type of houses mostly needed by the client. It can serve as a decision making tool for a real estate company to know which type of house they need to buy or build.

This feature allows the manager to supervise agents. It gives an agent the probability to be added, deleted or edited. It also gives to an agent access to the mobile application. The Manager can send email or SMS message to one or more agent

This feature allows the manager to manage the houses. It gives him the knack to activate a house (visible) from the client’s website and also change the house status (Sold, Open house…).

This feature allows the manager to send bulk SMS or email to potential clients or contacts. It allows you to create contact groups, whiles more contacts can be added in. It reacts more like a phone address book but cannot receive calls or messages.

This feature allows the manager to monitor every single booking request (request to visit house) and to find out if an agent is free to help the client to visit the house.

This feature allows you to chat with visitors and engage the potential customers on the website. It enables you to instantly add a Live Help to your web site; you can then start to increase your sales and the satisfaction of your customer while visitors are still on your website. In addition to chatting with visitors on your website, you can also see who is online and inquire if they want to chat.

IT solution In Real estates and Marketing Reseach

With our Live Help, you can Monitor visitor sessions and chat sessions while talking to multiple users at the same time using a unique tab system.
Visitors to your website can be proactively invited for chat by operators using invite “layers” on the client side which show up even when pop-up blockers are enabled.