Insurance Software Novanet

The full web insurance management software for all the word in insurance.

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  • Thanks to its Full web technology and shared hosting mode, NovaNet allows several advantages 
  • Use from anywhere, at any time all over the world 24 hours/24, 7 days a week
  • Large costs reduction : no acquisition of the software, monthly rent (all included)
  • No installation of software : instant access from any PC connected to internet, flexibility in the number of users
  • Minimum Infrastructure : an internet browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 or +), no need of server
  • No need of computer specialists (inside or outside)
  • Automatic update of the latest software version (steady evolution)
  • Datas completely secure in a « safe » : firewall managed by experts, server backup, fire protection, physical access to servers

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Marketing Research Development

Data collection and analytics methods for organizations which deals with research works, operating in rural and urban locations are very cumbersome – particularly when they rely on traditional, non-electronic methods. To evaluate effectiveness and productivity, it has been necessary to adopt data and analytics methodologies that are technology oriented in nature. Today, network connectivity is increasing even in the most remote locations and electronic data input is gradually becoming less of an impediment to data collection. To be sure, uninterrupted bandwidth availability still eludes these locations, making it difficult for traditional web applications to function. In cognizance of intermittent to zero bandwidth availability in rural locations, we propose B.exson survey system, a data collection framework designed to seamlessly enable online as well as offline data collection & synchronization. Previous experience with renowned organizations shows that data collection, survey exercise designed, deployed and administered via this system achieved 100% success

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Manage Property, Manage Agent, Live help Support.
We remove the complexity that real estate’s companies are facing in their businesses
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • LIve Help Support Integration

WebAction Insurance Online Sales Now! See & Quotation Module

Managing all types of rates for General Insurance, Life and Health, WebAction allows companies to very quickly deploy the resources for optimizing their sales forces.

  • Very short time-to-market
  • Reliability and possibility to upgrade
  • Shared costs

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Insurance Business Intelligence , Module Decision making module accesible with the management software NovaNet

If you are looking to optimize your company’s performances, MoDeLi is the tool for you. MoDeLi will assist you with all your decisions, be it in terms of client portfolio management, or broker management, by showing all your data in graphs or reports.
MoDeLi was designed for insurance companies’ leaders, in order to assist them with decision making, be it in terms of client portfolio management, or broker management, by showing the company’s data in graphs or reports

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your content
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