On July 2013, TREND (Training, Research and Networking for Development Ghana) team were trained on the use of the BExson System. It was a 2 days training.

The first day , the team were trained on the step to convert their questions into an electronic version. Issues were raised on the possibility to have some condition on the questions list.
For example : Some question depends on the answers that the respondent will choose or say, or some question like :
Are you a male or Female ?
If you are female, please how old are you?

So during the training, issues that TREND’s staff were facing are now considering a simple by the use of Bexson.
TREND were showed , how their agents in a remote area can easily download the questions from their mobile and easily start collecting their data.

TREND was amazed on how the data collected can come in reel time and the ability for them to export the data in any format that they want.